Trendy Elements To Consider When Designing Impactful Retail Signs

14 April 2022
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Irrespective of your line of business, owning a brick-and-mortar premises means having to invest in signage. The blunder that some business owners make is assuming that retail signage is solely utilitarian since its primary function is to direct customers into their stores, but this could not be further from the truth. What you need to bear in mind when designing business signs is the fact that your potential customers are consistently besieged by advertisements everywhere they turn. The problem with sensory overload is that makes individuals more susceptible to tuning out any data that they do not find visually stimulating. That being said, you need to figure out how best to make your retail signs stand out, which is primarily achieved through the design of the signage. For more on how to accomplish this, here are some trendy elements to consider when designing impactful retail signs.

Consider geometric elements

One of the foremost principles you should adhere to when designing visually pleasing retail signs is symmetry. Symmetry works to make your signage appear balanced, and this draws the eye since humans are attracted to the stability balance creates. However, when some think of symmetry, they automatically assume it is simply about putting the same number of words on each side of the sign, but this is not entirely true. Instead, you can employ the use of patterns and shapes to evoke a sense of symmetry, which is best achieved by integrating geometric elements into your signage. For instance, you can use circles to highlight specific information on the sign. Alternatively, you can integrate geometric patterns on the borders of the sign, which can centre all the information.

Consider nostalgic elements

When you deliberate on what is currently on-trend in the design world, you will quickly realise that seemingly outdated elements are steadily making a comeback, and this is not coincidental. Over the years, more and more people have taken note of the psychological advantages of nostalgic design, as these elements can make your target market feel a sense of familiarity with your brand. For example, rather than opting for ultra-modern fonts for your retail signs, consider classic fonts such as serifs. On the other hand, instead of limiting your sign to minimalist colour schemes that are futuristic, go the traditional route with a colourful palette. Have a chat with your designer about which nostalgic elements will translate best onto the signs you have chosen for your retail business.