Which Features Should Event Organisers Look For in Commercial Signage?

8 December 2022
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If you organise and promote events, then commercial signage is likely to be one of the most effective means of getting attention for a forthcoming show around. Of course, if you are in the business of event hire, then you will want to promote whatever it is you are putting on at the venue itself but you should also consider other locations in the area which is where commercial signage can be so beneficial. That said, not every signage supplier offers the same sort of features with their products. What should you be looking for when you choose a commercial sign supplier? Read on to find out.

  • Moveability  

Many event promoters use different venues even if they operate within just one city. As such, the ability to have commercial signage that you can pick up and move with you is very important. Portable signs shouldn't need to be installed by professionals either, unlike hoarding signs, for example. Therefore, look for a signage supplier that offers pop-up signs. These come with a frame that you extend outwards with telescopic arms. The sign itself is then unfurled rather like a roller blind and attached to the frame. When the event is over, simply roll the sign up and take it with your ready for the next time you need it.

  • Lighting

For event promoters, in particular, integrated lighting can make all the difference with commercial signage. This is because events often feed into the nighttime economy so the ability to get attention with a sparkling design is important when signs will primarily be viewed in the dark. These days, there are many ways to integrate lighting into signs, often with outdoor LEDs that can change colour or flash. Check out some of the increasingly popular backlit signage designs around today, as well. These look very professional and are especially good for promoting high-end events.

  • Mesh Barrier Signage

Events that are outdoors will often have a barrier to prevent unwarranted access. Mesh barriers aren't just practical, however, because they can be used to promote what's going on inside. Mesh barrier signage is usually printed onto vinyl. It can then be clipped onto mesh barriers with ease. Not only does this sort of signage help to promote an event, but it can also be used for way-finding and for preventing people from seeing inside when they might not have paid to see the show, thereby encouraging them to purchase a ticket.