How to Increase Sales With Business Signs

22 June 2015
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The business signs you use can help to create brand awareness, and bring foot traffic through the front door of your establishment. However, simply having a sign doesn't guarantee that it will be impacting and will make a difference in your company's sales. Note a few ways you can get noticed and be remembered by customers because of your signs, and in turn, increase sales:

1. Use the right colors

It goes without saying that color is often more noticeable than black and white when it comes to business signs, but using the right colors is also key to being noticed. Drab and dull shades of blue or grey won't let you sign stand out, whereas primary colors of red and yellow are more readily seen and remembered.

Think of some of the most well-known business logos on the planet and their colors; McDonald's uses bright yellow for their trademark M, Coca-Cola uses red for their cans and lettering, and the retail store Target also uses bold red for their trademark bulls-eye. Use strong colors for your business sign so that customers notice it and will be more likely to remember it as well.

2. Keep it brief

Your business sign should catch the attention of potential customers and give them a clue about your business and what you sell, but it shouldn't give them reading material! While you might want to advertise a particular sale or menu item, save the details for smaller signs or your menu that they can read after they've entered your establishment. This will keep them from being overwhelmed with too much wording; if that happen, they may not even remember your business name or the sign itself.

3. Mix it up

While you want to keep one particular trademark or logo for your business so that it's easily recognizable, you might also want to mix up other aspects of your business signs. For example, many retail stores will have removable paper signs that they swap out every week or so; one sign might advertise shoes, and the next week it will advertise accessories.

If you use the same sign time and again, customers may tend to ignore it and in turn, miss out on new or different items they might purchase. You can mix up your business signs no matter your business; for a restaurant, advertise a different menu item every day or week, and for a car repair shop, advertise a different type of repair or maintenance job just as often. This will keep customers engaged and ensure you always have their attention.

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