Trade Show Tips: What Every Booth Needs

25 January 2016
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Trade shows are a great place to network with other businesses and advertise to potential customers and clients. One of the most important aspects of a trade show is the booth. Here are some things to have in your booth that will entice others to visit and find out what your business is all about.

Professional Banner

Make sure you have a professional banner that includes your business name and the type of work you do. The banner's size is determined by the size of your booth. It should be easy to see when someone is up close or far away. You want to make the design simple by not using more than a couple different fonts and colors. Include your logo or branding information, along with a brief statement about the products or services you provide. This should be enough to get the attention of people looking for that type of business.

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Optimal Lighting

A good trade show booth also has exceptional lighting. There is nothing worse than attempting to approach a booth, only to struggle to read what is on the flyer. There are many types of lighting options to choose from, including floor or table lamps, and lights that go around the perimeter of the tent or booth area. Find out beforehand whether or not you have electrical outlets at your booth and if lights are provided so you know what types of lights you should be bringing.

Variety of Promotional Materials

Not everyone who visits a trade show has the same interests and preferences, so when it comes to promotional materials, provide a combination of different options. Have a professional printer create some interesting flyers that provide a one-page summary of your business, the benefits, and what you provide. You can also offer other types of reading materials giving more in-depth information, such as pamphlets they can bring home, and plenty of business cards. It is also a good idea to offer other materials, such as audio or video, if it applies to your type of business.


To make your trade show unique, you need to provide something that the visitors haven't seen yet. This can be as simply as hosting a contest with prizes at the end of the show, or by having demos and presentations. You can even host a game if it relates to the type of business you have. For example, if you make apps, consider having multiple devices set up where a few people can play the app game and the winner of the game wins a prize. Raffles are also great for giving out prizes and gives people a reason to visit your booth.