Top Reasons for Using Acrylic Sheet for Business Signage

20 January 2020
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Any business that knows the importance of signage in and around the premises should invest in the right type. It is because you have to consider various factors, among them being the kind of material used to make the signs. Notably, the most common materials for making signage include metal, wood and acrylic sheets. While each has its advantage, acrylic sheets have proven to be the most popular than the other two, and for a good reason. Therefore, this article highlights the critical benefits of using acrylic sheets for signage. 

Easy to Engrave 

The best way to make wood, metal or acrylic signage is through engraving. However, engraving these materials varies primarily because of the differences in toughness. Ideally, wood and metal are sturdy; therefore, engraving requires tough bits and sufficient time. On the other hand, acrylic is less stubborn, and this makes it the easiest of the three to use for signage. Since it takes less time and less effort to engrave acrylic into a sign, the overall cost is lower; consequently, it makes the signs less costly. Moreover, the ease of engraving means that mistakes are less common, and this increases the chance of having error-free signage.


When most businesses hire the services of a signage maker, few pay close attention to the logistics. Just because the service provider avails transport does not mean that they will foot the entire transport cost. Some of the cost is included in the overall cost of making the sign itself. Therefore, since metal is heavy, such a sign is expensive to transport, especially if your premises is a couple of miles away. However, acrylic sheets are very light; hence, they are easier and cheaper to transport. The advantage here is that you can carry acrylic sheets for several signages without incurring extra costs. For instance, if you have to make four different signage of the same size, it would be cheaper to transport acrylic sheets than metal or wood. 

Variety of Colours 

Although signage was traditionally designed for functionality — to offer direction — the signs have to be aesthetically pleasing now. That is why businesses use different types of finishes to make their signage stand out. However, such finishes are only possible through painting, and that limits the type of colours you can use. Acrylic sheets, on the other hand, are manufactured in a variety of colours, and this provides you with a variety of choices. Most importantly, you do not have to do anything to add to the beauty of signage made from coloured acrylic sheets.

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