3 Things to Bear in Mind When Installing a Digital Sign to Advertise Your Business

8 December 2020
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The world of advertising changes every day. Currently, one of the smart and efficient ways to advertise businesses is through digital signs. More business owners turn to LCD, LED screens and projectors to display business information such as images, restaurant menus, web pages and other critical business information. Digital signs do more than advertise businesses; they also give crucial information like office hours, payment methods, and other business details to your clients. 

But before you invest in digital signs, it is crucial to know they are not a one type fits all form of advertisement. Here are three things to consider when installing the signs.

What Type of Screen Will Work Best for You?

The five main options you have in screen types are OLED, LCD Screens, plasma screens, projectors and ePaper. OLED screens offer you high contrast images, and you can turn the pixels on and off as your wish. The qualities make them a bit more expensive than the other options. Compared to LCD screens, plasma screens offer higher contrast, and their images are clearer. 

The projection option also works well and is more affordable than the screens. However, you will need a flat white surface where you can continuously project your information. The cost also depends on the number of lumens, with higher resolutions being more expensive.

What Screen Size Will Be Ideal for Your Business?

The other consideration to make is the size of the screen. If you are using LCD, LED and plasma, the screens above 55 inches are usually costly. If you need to display something that will only be legible and effective when displayed on a size larger than 55 inches, consider a projector. However, you can still go for the screen if you have the budget for it. 

The function of your advertisement will also feature here when determining the size. The screen should accommodate the large size of your advertisement for your customers.

Where Will You Locate the Screens?

You cannot plant your signage displays anywhere and expect excellent results. You have to be very strategic about where you place them. If your signs offer directions to your shop, place them at the building entrance and the intersections because they will be most effective.

It is important to strategise well, choose the right digital signs and install them properly when advertising your business. When installed properly, these signs will last for months, you can change the message whenever you want, and they have an excellent return on investment. 

For more tips, reach out to a local sign installer.