Business Signage: Three Guidelines for Preparing for Laser Engraving

12 October 2021
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Laser engraving is one of the best approaches to creating custom business signs because of the level of personalisation afforded. In simple terms, the method is flexible because it allows for the input of designs into computer-controlled equipment. Consequently, simple and complex designs can be transformed into tangible signs. The automation ensures a high degree of accuracy and even repeatability if you need multiple items. Moreover, the created products are durable because they do not depend on colour but on etching. However, keep in mind that the final result when creating your sign will depend on your specific choices. Here are some basic guidelines to keep in mind for successful laser engraving.

Choose Your Material

The versatility of laser engraving allows for the creation of signs using most materials. However, the quality of the specific material type will determine the outcome. Therefore, when choosing the best item for your business signage, inquire about the availability of laser-ready products. This consideration is crucial because some materials on the market contain impurities. The contact of the laser beam with these items will result in an unpleasant effect. For example, the rust on a metal surface might etch at a different rate than the metal, leaving burn marks or causing discolouration. Under ideal circumstances, look for engineering-grade sheets or boards from a specialist supplier. The surfaces of the prepared signboards will be clean and perfect for engraving without further preparation. Alternatively, you can liaise with your engraving specialist and have them find materials for you.

Develop Your Design

The right design is crucial for a good business sign. Therefore, think about your requirements for the best effects. If you are looking for basic signage, you will only need to plan for the marketing or informative words. Moreover, you must consider the best approach to presenting the simple text. Keep in mind that factors like the font type, size, typography and colours will affect the overall appearance of the sign. If you are interested in making a unique sign, incorporate adventurous choices like inserting images, shading the engraving or using 3D effects.

Prepare the Draft

Finally, prepare the draft for your sign design. If you have computer-aided design skills, you can create a draft, which can be used directly in the laser engraving machine. However, you can also consult a specialist designer or your engraver for help. If you cannot create a draft, describe your sign as clearly as possible. Also, check on the design before commissioning the engraving process.