What makes a good fleet decal design?

5 June 2023
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Fleet decals are vinyl wraps that add graphics to the side of your vehicles. They are commonly used to display business brands and logos. If you are considering getting decals for your own fleet, you may be wondering how to design them. Here are a few tips.


Firstly, you want to make a design that will stand out from the crowd. Most business vehicles have some kind of advertising on them, so members of the public will see hundreds of them in a typical day. You will therefore need to make sure that yours is the design that they remember. Bold and bright colours, easy-to-read text and clear, sharp designs are called for. You need a design that people will remember long after your vehicle has moved on, not a dull, ambiguous or unidentifiable mess.


Secondly, try to keep it simple. It may be tempting to cover the entire surface with complicated pictures and lines of text, but this is likely to be confusing. Your potential clients will not know which part of the image they should concentrate on and may miss the main message altogether. A simple company logo and phone number on both sides may be all you need to attract the eye of a customer.


Thirdly, make sure there is some genuine information in the image. Although you don't want to overload the vehicle with writing, a phone number is a must. Your business name may be incorporated into your logo, but there should also be something in the graphic to show the nature of your business. Anyone who sees the decal should immediately know who you are, what you do and how to contact you.


Finally, it is a very good idea to have a hi-vis or reflective element to the decal design. Without it, your logo may stand out during the day but will be invisible at night. Incorporating a reflective accent will make the design show up clearly in other vehicles' headlights and will ensure that the decal advertises your business twenty-four hours a day, regardless of light conditions.

Fleet decals are a simple method of advertising your business at all times and in all places. Make the most of this opportunity by choosing a memorable design that will stand out. Just talk to your supplier for more information on how to design the best decal for your business today.