Understanding Design Guidelines for Braille Tactile Signs

27 May 2020
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The law requires that every commercial facility is accessible to everyone regardless of their ability. Thus, every business needs to put up Braille signs to help people with vision problems. Understanding the proper guidelines for designing your custom Braille signs is essential. That is because failing to follow the appropriate instructions leads to consequences. Below are some tips to help when designing Braille tactile signs for your business. Find Out Which Signs Need Braille Read More 

Top Reasons for Using Acrylic Sheet for Business Signage

20 January 2020
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Any business that knows the importance of signage in and around the premises should invest in the right type. It is because you have to consider various factors, among them being the kind of material used to make the signs. Notably, the most common materials for making signage include metal, wood and acrylic sheets. While each has its advantage, acrylic sheets have proven to be the most popular than the other two, and for a good reason. Read More